National Recovery Group

is a full service asset recovery and debt collecting agency. At NRGI we are committed to establishing unmatched standards of performance. NRGI works with the largest credit issuers in the country to assure a vast range of payment solutions (credit cards, consumer loan, automotive, etc.)

The origin of asset recovery law dates back to British common law. Abandoned land was returned to the King along with the transfer of the property rights. Today, this concept has been adopted Nationwide and applied to tangible and intangible property. The state does not take permanent ownership of property but acts as custodians to safeguard it for the rightful owner or their heir until claimed.

Portfolio Acquisition

NRGI firmly believes that the responsibility to our clients extends beyond the debt sale date.

We are committed to providing exceptional post debt services. We partner with our clients to create an easy payoff transition as we work together to re-establish credit and regain the trust of creditors.

There has been many well published reports about unclaimed property as seen on NBC®, CNBC® and on nationally syndicated talk shows such as Oprah®, The O’Reilly Factor and Montel Williams®. Oprah Winfrey stated 9 out of 10 Americans have unclaimed money. Articles on the subject have appeared in The USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

Contingency Servicing

Our professionals comply with the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act(FDCPA) and all other governing regulations, both State and Federal. National Recovery Group utilizes state of the art collection technology which includes an integrated auto dialer and algorithmic scoring methodology for file identification with the highest probabilities of successful recovery.

National Recovery Group prides itself on our ability to understand our clients’ needs in a manner that enables us to form and execute effective recovery solutions.

Our Staff

Our highly skilled staff is committed to enhance the welfare of our clients, consumers, fellow employees and partners through operational excellence via the implementation of efficient, thoughtful account receivable strategies.

As a full service asset recovery and debt collecting agency, NRGI has an established team that specializes in the recovery of tangible and intangible property and third party dept. Our team is knowledgeable of the industry-specific laws and regulations. Our staff is experienced and certified.

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